As soon as you step foot into a church, you enter a timelessness where it is neither day nor night, a candlelit and liminal space that’s just as medieval as it is current. Since 2019, I have visited over 170 churches and monasteries. Within those church walls I was on the hunt for one thing in particular: bouquets. 

Botanical decorations are often overlooked in the ancient grandiosity and dark spectacle of religious buildings. I wanted to bring these symbols of mourning, rebirth, tribute and beauty to the forefront. Every still-life is the result of a human gesture. The more I started to focus on the flowers people left behind, the more I discovered a whole new story behind them. 

Without control over the composition I became a spectator to these hommages. This lack of control became an inexhaustible source and quest for the miraculous ways of flowers in religious settings. Flowers for Mary offers a collection of modern vanitas, emphasizing both joy and decay. 

Flowers for Mary

by Iris Bergman 

68 pages 

limited edition of 200 


three types of paper

21,5 x 15,8 cm 

self published 

graphic design by Swaan Mostert

€ 50,- 

€ 6,- shipping within NL


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